Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Breeze | Baguio Escapade

The reason of my absence in the limelight! Whoah! HAHAH!

Don't worry, I'm already done reading all your latest entries while I'm gone. Just comment and leave the link if you think I missed something! It's my pleasure to read it. ;)

Well I just want to share with you the happiness and joy I experienced in high lands together with my family. :) I thank God for the beautiful weather! We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights, and every moment was a blast!

Day 1

We started the roadtrip at exactly 3:41 AM. My dad drove the way to EDSA and we switched seats before we reached the SCTEX. At around 7:00 AM we reached the Paniqui and since we haven't had our breakfast yet due to our early departure, we decided to stop over and eat. We ate and had a stop @ Pangasinan's Best Pasalubong Center. The place is very native and cozy. You can feel the fresh morning breeze swooshing through the leaves of palayan. We do not want to continue the travel without filling up our empty stomachs so we ordered plenty of their best dishes to dig in.

Served with Bulalo afterwards
Driving through Tarlac is really a pain in a butt literally. And again "literally" a long drive. After having our breakfast, my dad did the driving until we reach our destination. And since my hands are empty, I managed to took the photos of almost all "welcome arcs" of every point until we reached and arrived in our destination.

We arrived earlier than the meeting time so we cannot proceed straight to our transient house. We decided to just kill some time in Burnham Park. And while we are waiting, I insist to tag along with my mom and dad to look for and buy some fresh veggies, crops and fish for our lunch. And as usual, the price here is so cheap that you can actually shop for your whole-day-meal for only a couple of hundreds. One is enough actually! ;)

After some nice shopping and lot of bargains, we packed up to go and get some rest in our transient house. My mom, cousin and grandma did the cooking.

Since we're on a vacation, we want everything to be different from the way we live in our hometown. We're in to living a healthy lifestyle here! ;) Veggies, fruits, fish and other seafoods were the only ones you'll see prepared at the center table. Yes! Milk na lang ang kulang! HAHAH!

We had our soundly rest for a few hours and again, we're ready to fly again! We went back to the Burnham park and had some activities.

We also didn't let the night just pass us by without  going to the Night Market! One of the most ideal place to shop for some presents or pasalubong for your mga inaanaks! There are souvenirs too!
Shirt prices ranges from 100 to 150 and can be bargained for 80-130. And can get even lower if you buy more. ;)

We went boating, bicycle riding, carousel, bump car, and had our picture picture until the night was over. The temperature gets even lower as the  night's getting darker and darker.

Therefore, temperature and daylight is inversely proportional to each other. Kachaw! ;) HAHAH!

And this is our family picture of the day! ;)

Me, my cousin Shirley, my sis Joyce, my brother Jeff, and one and only inaanak, my mom, lola, and dad. 

Day 2

We had a looong day for the first day so we woke up late, but not that late but later than our planned schedule. We went out around 11 AM na. We went straight up to the horse back riding camp and get our horses (Feelingero, parang may sariling kabayo) and yaah! 

Feeling ko naman ako si Cedie. White horse kuya pwede?
We had our horse back riding for 30 minutes. Nakakainip! At sakit ulit sa butt! HAHAH! 

No different from driving. You get to control the horse by maneuvering the rope attached to him. The sun is high but not is not harsh to your skin (di ko talaga alam kung pano sasabihin) HAHAH! Just like in Tagaytay. We tried to visit the butterfly ek-ek but it is unattended.

After that, we went to the Tree Top. But nope, we didn't try any of their activities. Our province is Alfonso, Cavite from which you can also have some treks and expeditions @ CAMPO TREXO Inc. for a lower and more ideal price. Sa totoo lang, wala na kasi kaming pera, saktuhan lang pang gas pauwe! Chos lang. HAHAH! 

Then we decided to get some pasalubong and souvenirs in the Mines View Park. We bought walis tambo, keychains, shirts, lenguas, strawberry and blue berry wines, peanut brittle etc. And of course, the famous Ube Jam of the Good Shepherd. So much more to tell!

Oh by the way! Our dinner menu for the night is Ginataang Kalabasa. Nainggit kasi ako kay Sir Mots of Teacher's pwet in his Happiness entry. (Kasi nga inggitero ako HAHAH!)

And, our family picture for the night?

Day 3

The last day of our stay in Baguio. Also, PMA day! Before that, we went back to the market to buy more of pasalubong but this time are all wet goods. :) HOHOHOH!

Our PMA gallery:

Do I need to say more? Oh! We bought souvenirs from here as well, my dad was a former soldier so I can see his excitement when we got here. HAHAH!

On our way home, we bought the bests of Pangasinan and other places too. We had our stop over and coffee break @ one of NLEX's gas stations.

And I really thank God for this blessing! And when we arrived home, the morning we woke up, we suddenly heard that BAGYONG PABLO already entered the La Union. See? We just went there with a beautiful weather, and it's God's favor that he held away the storm while we're there! :)

HAHAH! And that's it! Oh and if you're asking why we had an early vacation in Baguio, well... we can't afford to go this coming summer (next year's) because hindi na kami kumpleto. My dad works in the vessel so... ayun! :)

Our family picture for the last day:

Shirley, bebe, Lola Remz, Joyce, Kuya Jeff, Mom, Dad & Me

Looking forward for more family bonding and trips! Kachaw! ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed. Mukang di ko lang masyadong naexpress. HAHAH!

  2. Yung nakita ko yung ginataang kalabasa... nagutom ako. Fav ko yun e. Ang saya ng family bonding nyo. I miss Baguio ;)

    1. Nainggit lang ao kay ser mots. talagang inipush ko na mag ginataang kalabasa kame. HAHAH!

  3. Asan na ang pasalubong mong Strawberry Jam at Peanut Brittle? ehehehe /joke :D

    Glad you had a grand time on your Baguio escapade!

    1. HAHAH! Andito lang sa bahay! ;) Yeah! Really had a great time.

      Ngayon naman yung next entry naman ang pag iisipan. HAHAH!

  4. Wow, strawberry! Matamis? Penge. Lol. Very Baguio talaga ang namiss kong magbakasyon sa Baguio ulit dahil sa mga post mong larawan. Happy Holidays Parekoy! :))

    1. Masarap ishake ang strawberries para macontrol ang lasa. :) Same to you parekoy! :D

  5. sa totoo lang di pa ko nakarating sa baguio haha sigurado ako imba lamig dyan naun
    want ko dyan tumira sawa na ko sa init ng lugar namin haha

    1. HAHAH! Oo malamig kahit summer, at lalo na ngayon na December. :) Ahh naisip ko rin tumira dito, pero mas maganda siguro kung bakasyunan lang ang ipatayo mong bahay! :D

  6. Oh! I love family bonding too:) happy for you though. I wish I can do that paguwi ko with my family out there.
    Nice seeing your family:)
    And nakasabik mga filipino foods.

    1. Yes po ate Joy! I'm sure you'll enjoy the bonding with your famili pag uwi nyo po dito... and it'll be priceless! :D

  7. ang saya naman ng vacation escapade nyo.. sana kami din ng family ko magawa yan..someday.

    1. Yep! I know someday! :) Malay mo this coming Christmas ^^

  8. Wah! gusto ko lahat pati ang ginataang kalabasa! Kagaya ng comment sa taas, gusto ko ring mag bakasyon kasama family ko. Nice post! Oo nga pala, thanks for the follow, Pao!

    1. HAHAH! Paborito ko kasi yung ginataang kalabasa, kaya pinush ko talaga. HAHAH! Welcome! ^^

  9. Waaah. Namiss ko tuloy ang City of Pines! Gusto ko ng bumalik dyan! XD

    Saya ng family bonding! Tatanong ko na kay pareng google pano pumunta ng CAMPO TREXO Inc. Hahaha

    1. HAHAH hindi ko nacheck kung buhay pa si mr. st.bernard. Pero last year existing pa sya. :)

      Sige lang! :) Mageenjoy din kayo jan sa Campo Trexo. ^^

  10. Natakam ako bigla sa Ube Jam!, isama mo pa ang ibat ibang putahe kahit allergic sa ako sa seafood bigla akong nagutom haha. (masarap nga ang bawal)

    Ayos ang bonding ng buong pamilya!, nakakatuwang tignan ang mga larawan!

    1. Totoo. Bakit nga ba masarap ang bawal!? :))

      Salamat! ^^

  11. ay ayan na naman..nawala na naman yung comment ko dito..binubura mo talaga comment ko eh hahaha!

    ikaw na ang naka-quota sa welcome arc! natawa ako sa butterfly "ek-ek" hehe..

    ay talaga sundalo dad mo dati pero ngaun seaman na sya?

    1. oo tama ka ate arline, nag change of career na. haha!

      Binubura ka jan. di no. di ka lang talaga nag cocomment. haha!

  12. Nag sink in lang sa kin yong tahong at ginatang kalabasa! hahahaha

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